A course in Dowsing for CEOs

I am a 21st century Dowser. I don't use twigs to find water, I use INTENT together with the Laws of Quantum Mechanics to create the life I want.

What does that mean?

By understanding the Laws of Quantum Mechanics we are able to move and manipulate energy.

We subtract energy to move blocks that may be stopping us, for example, increasing company sales, landing a new project or motivating sales staff.

We increase energy when we want certain positive outcomes, such as finding a new job, succeeding in an interview or finding a new partner.

We use the Law of Attraction but more successfully. Where many people have stumbled using these techniques is in not understanding how Quantum Mechanics plays a major role in manifesting our desires. Secondly, how our subconscious has to be in accord with what we want to attract. This and much more is taught in this course.

Though this is a unique service to help small business owners be more successful in all aspects of running a business, the skills taught can be used by anybody in any situation from improving at sports or music, to finding a better job or your spouse.

Change your energy and you can change the world!

Foundation Course

This course is a 6 hour intensive workshop; it needs to be completed before starting the Intermediate Course.
The workshop shows how to dowse, calibration and how dowsing affects the Morphic Field in Quantum Mechanics.

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Intermediate Course

This is a six hour intensive workshop teaching how to change energy. It needs to be completed before starting the Advanced Level. This covers clearing and healing energy as well as kinesiology.

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Advanced Course

This is a six hour intensive workshop teaching how to increase energy and manifest. The previous two courses need to be completed before starting this course, as the skill set used depends on those of the previous levels.

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