Foundation Level

The Foundation Level

This course is a 6 hour intensive workshop; it needs to be completed before starting the Intermediate Course.

How dowsing affects the Morphic Field in Quantum Mechanics

Skills that you will learn:

  • Calibration, using a pendulum and muscle testing
  • Testing for purity
  • Polarity
  • Making choices
  • Affinity/discord
  • Finding things at hand and at a distance

How these skills can be used at home or in the office:

  •       Checking resumes for the ideal fit;
  •       Finding where the best customer base is;
  •       Finding the best product to add to the line-up which has the best profit margins;
  •       Motivating sales teams, without their knowing it
  •       Making better investments
  •       Where is the best place to open a new shop
  •       Recognizing if a supplier/client is telling the truth
  •       Does this suppliers greed level exceed his honesty

The fee for this workshop is ¥40,000, including texts and materials.

For those coming from a long distance, discounted rooms are available at a nearby hotel.

Please sign up using the form on the website.