Intermediate Level

Intermediate Level

This is a six hour intensive workshop teaching how to change energy. It needs to be completed before starting the Advanced Level.

The main techniques taught are:

  • How to clear energy
  • How to heal energy
  • Using kinesiology in place of pendulums

How this can be applied at home or in the office, for yourself or another person, employee:

  •        Analyzing what is affecting sales and to reverse the problem
  •        How to improve the outcome of an interview or presentaion
  •        Resolving a problem in a sales force or team,
  •        Release blocks that stop you from manifesting what you want in life
  •        Breaking vicitmization patterns
  •        Hikikomori
  •        Anxiety from public speaking, the telephone, flying &c
  •        Depression
  •        Anti-social behaviour, alcoholism
  •        Improve motivation

The fee for this workshop is ¥40,000, including texts and materials.

For those coming from a long distance, discounted rooms are available at a nearby hotel.

Please sign up using the form on the website.