Why Study With Me?

People say I have had a charmed life, but they don’t know the details of how I achieved my success.

Before 1992 I was president of a construction company. I worked long hours, driving around Japan visiting construction sites. I was overweight from eating too many lunches with clients and I was dissatisfied; I felt that there was more to life than just a paycheck.

Then, suddenly, in the winter of 1992 I fell ill  and was hospitalized for three months. It was a wake-up call that changed my life. Things suddenly fell apart; there was no one to oversee the construction work, so the carpenters left to find other work, from my hospital bed I had to negotiate with other construction companies to complete my projects, which cost me more that the projects were worth. (Companies hate to complete other people’s work as they don’t want to be held responsible for the part that they did not do.)

The house I built by hand in Lake Yamanaka

The house I built by hand in Lake Yamanaka

My family moved out of the large house I had on the edge of Lake Yamanaka so that my wife could find work in Yokohama. Having used my own money to pay for the construction work, I had not been able to pay my mortgage and my house was repossessed by the bank. The bank had sent warning letters to me at the house but there was no one there to read the mail.

When I left hospital I was broke, I had nowhere to live and my wife wanted a separation – later we divorced. It was a very black time for me. Through a series of synchronicities I learnt about the spiritual path, and I have not looked back since. Starting in 1998 I rebuilt my life using the techniques I teach in the course.

What was I doing between 1993 when I left hospital and 1998? I tried to continue to do what I had done previously, that is working in foreign companies, but after the bubble there were fewer jobs available, and despite my experience, I could only find menial jobs. Then I was introduced to a spiritual teacher who changed my life, I studied and took several certification exams and started to rebuild my life. I found (manifested) senior positions in reputable companies and bought (and manifested) many properties.

Many “would be” teachers brag about how their courses can make you wealthy, but in my case I have the proof. I recently took all the registration documents for my assets, properties and cars, to an attorney who swore a deposition that I own the seven properties without debt, liens, mortgages or loans. I want you to be confident that my course, if applied correctly, will quickly pay for itself.